Who Sang Inheritance Evil? 1833 AD

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length: 5:28
Born with a curse
Blessing in disguise
The evil of man, comes alive
Not one will survive
Alone you'll cry
Inheritance Evil
The end of time
The ways of man, till the day they die
Governed by malice, Byrrak's child

The inheritance of evil
The end of mankind
The inheritance of evil
The end of time
As they lie in wait,
To inherit the Kingdom of Hell
As the saints abide the land
The demons conquered aeons ago
Then fearless of God's command
No repentance no Holy Land
The Inheritance is now,
With time when we end
Tempest Befalls
Wail of the Earth

Patience of the God, dies
tonight we will rise
to conquer the earth
The inheritance is now
inheritance evil

CD 1
  • 1 Dreams of the Creator
  • 2 Empty Shrine
  • 3 Who Will Kill the Emperor?
  • 4 Ma Nishada
  • 5 Rage of the Preserver
  • 6 Wiser than the Wisest
  • 7 1833 AD
  • 8 Sephiroth's Curse
  • 9 Caprice of the Destroyer
  • 10 Ten Gods
  • 11 End of Time
  • 12 Inheritance Evil