Who Sang Ma Nishada? 1833 AD

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length: 5:25
The years in fear, of the hunter in you.
Who seeks not just gore, but longs to, drive my soul.
I hide, hide in solitude,
Within the confines of my meaningless existence.
Merciless you prowl, getting closer now,
I know you feel me near, as I strongly reek of fear

I wish I could hide, but who is to pacify
Your will is strong,
this ends when I die
The lying eyes of his
The evil ways of his
lead to the dark abyss
Put an end to it all

Ma Nishada. Don't do no evil no more.
Leave me Alone.
Arride Kaataala.
Ma Nishaada.
The evil you decree
The time has come for it to cease
The dead that lie at your feet
the time for them to rest in peace
Arride Kaataala.
Ma Nishaada.
Ma Nishaada

CD 1
  • 1 Dreams of the Creator
  • 2 Empty Shrine
  • 3 Who Will Kill the Emperor?
  • 4 Ma Nishada
  • 5 Rage of the Preserver
  • 6 Wiser than the Wisest
  • 7 1833 AD
  • 8 Sephiroth's Curse
  • 9 Caprice of the Destroyer
  • 10 Ten Gods
  • 11 End of Time
  • 12 Inheritance Evil