Who Sang Sephiroth's Curse? 1833 AD

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length: 4:58
Sephiroth -
Why oh Why should I live this life
In agony I fail to thrive
Why this curse when I sought your blessing
Why this hate when I need your love
Why're you so irascible
I seek your pardon, be merciful
With all that I have done for you
What if I ask back a few?

God -
What you ask of me is not what you deserve.

You filled the hearts of my people with darkness.
Enslaving their faith, you poisoned their minds.

Led them into the dark path and made them believe in your power;

A mere blessing I bestowed upon you,
To help my people, but you led them astray.

Sephiroth -
What I did was for you
To make those fools believe in you and your power.
That you failed to prove to them by yourself
And thus they came to me just as you willed them to.
and I helped them
But my ways seemed wrong to you
And for that I suffer, alone in this world full of fools that you spawned
that you call your children!
And now you blame me for doing what I did? If you cared for them why didn't you stop me?
Why did you let them drink from my chalice,
and fall to their deaths at my feet?

God -
How dare you talk to me the way you do!!!

I shall not tolerate such disrespect from you!!!
Sephiroth -
As if you can hurt me more than what you have!
What more evil ways of torture can your s*****ic mind produce!!

Free me from this pain

God -
You had your chance Sephiroth. I spoke to you. I tried to stop you.

I even sent you my humble servant,your own faithful servant, Jirr,
but you paid no heed to My words.

Sephiroth -
My life on this cursed land. I don't wanna live. Can you hear me!. I don't.

God -
Enough with your act Sephiroth!
As I have said, a man guilty of sin is to accept punishment, like a lamb would accept death
at a sacrificial altar.
You lie this twilight, on the very land where you killed My people.
They didn't deserve it. But you do. And on this matter, I shall hear no more.

CD 1
  • 1 Dreams of the Creator
  • 2 Empty Shrine
  • 3 Who Will Kill the Emperor?
  • 4 Ma Nishada
  • 5 Rage of the Preserver
  • 6 Wiser than the Wisest
  • 7 1833 AD
  • 8 Sephiroth's Curse
  • 9 Caprice of the Destroyer
  • 10 Ten Gods
  • 11 End of Time
  • 12 Inheritance Evil