Who Sang Wiser than the Wisest? 1833 AD

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length: 4:28
Suffering for the weak,
Die to ease your pain
Labourers of sin,
Writhing in pain
Oh You follow
Your master,the one who kills his own

By death, by death alone
shall your suffering be gone
Only one shall survive,

Wiser than the wisest I am
Death shall I bring unto the fools of the earth
Wiser than the wisest I am

The strongest of all, The mightiest,Immortal am I
Drink; and as the pain recedes, your souls shall be free
I shall be Immortal!!

CD 1
  • 1 Dreams of the Creator
  • 2 Empty Shrine
  • 3 Who Will Kill the Emperor?
  • 4 Ma Nishada
  • 5 Rage of the Preserver
  • 6 Wiser than the Wisest
  • 7 1833 AD
  • 8 Sephiroth's Curse
  • 9 Caprice of the Destroyer
  • 10 Ten Gods
  • 11 End of Time
  • 12 Inheritance Evil