Who Sang Empire? 20 Minute Loop

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Release information
Release Date: 2008
length: 3:39
producer: 20 Minute Loop
membranophone: Mike Romano
piano: Kelly Atkins and Mike Romano
vocal: Greg Giles and Kelly Atkins
recording engineer: Scott Greiner
flute: Kelly Atkins
guitar: Nils Erickson and Greg Giles
percussion: Mike Romano
additional recording engineer: Nils Erickson
Clavinet: Nils Erickson
bass guitar: Adam Cunha
synthesizer: Greg Giles and Kelly Atkins
background vocals: Adam Cunha, Nils Erickson and Mike Romano
sampler: Kelly Atkins
Wurlitzer electric piano: Kelly Atkins
Rhodes piano: Nils Erickson and Kelly Atkins
lyricist: Greg Giles
composer: Greg Giles
Oh, baby, you move like you're crazy.
I'm in love with your shoes.
No laces, each tongue out of place, and then the soles slap your heels when you move.
This isn't fetishized, this is your shoe
This isn't fetishized, this is your shoe
This isn't fetishized, but keep in mind, keep in mind,
Your pleasure when peeling the shells from several hard-boiled eggs.

Four children stare out from a porch swing and they're stoned, bored, restless.
Your tongue drying up in your mouth.
God save the empire!
Cold, thin fingers numb to the realm of desire.
God save the empire!
An object you touch when words are enough.
The words I can sing or whisper or scream.
The shape of your feet kept under the sheets.

The emperor's spy is telling you lies. (Don't, she might hurt you...)
It happens each time his shoes are untied.
Stoned, bored, restless.
Why do we touch everything?
God save the empire!

CD 1
  • 1 Vanilla March
  • 2 Dr. Vitus Werdegast
  • 3 English as a Second Language
  • 4 The Bone is the Orbital Planet of the Nerve
  • 5 Automatic Pilot
  • 6 Empire
  • 7 We Wait for the Crown
  • 8 Mercury Vapor
  • 9 Latin Names and Straight Pins
  • 10 ESMA
  • 11 The Kirkbride Plan
  • 12 Winsor McCay