Who Sang Hookworm? 20 Minute Loop

20 Minute Loop 20 Minute Loop cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-8-28
length: 4:07
producer: Chris Manning
membranophone: Tai Kenning
vocal: Greg Giles and Kelly Atkins
mixer: Chris Manning
engineer: Chris Manning
electric guitar: Joe Ostrowski
keyboard: Kelly Atkins
acoustic guitar: Greg Giles
percussion: Tai Kenning
bass guitar: James Costello Kingsbury
composer: Greg Giles
lyricist: Greg Giles
I am vermiform,
I am so pasty white,
On my face are platehooks,
I just want to share.
Once I dig right in,
It's hard to get me out,
You often have to cut me,
Cut me from myself.
If I make it through you,
If I get in to this
Ancylostomiasistic love affair
If I make it through you...

CD 1
  • 1 She Hated Dogs
  • 2 Everybody Out
  • 3 Face Like a Horse
  • 4 Aeroflot
  • 5 Up on the Hill
  • 6 Disconnect
  • 7 You Know So Much
  • 8 Bunnyman and Chickengirl
  • 9 Hookworm
  • 10 All My Friends / Drowning