Who Sang It's Time to Honor Ghouls? 20 Minute Loop

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Release information
Release Date: 2005-2-22
length: 2:16
producer: 20 Minute Loop and Nils Erickson
membranophone: Mike Romano
vocal: Greg Giles and Kelly Atkins
mixer: Scott Greiner
flute: Kelly Atkins
guitar: Nils Erickson, Greg Giles and Joe Ostrowski
accordion: Kelly Atkins
pedal steel guitar: Nils Erickson
assistant recording engineer: Boone Spooner
bass guitar: Nils Erickson
synthesizer: Kelly Atkins
Rhodes piano: Kelly Atkins and Nils Erickson
recording engineer: Desmond Shea
additional recording engineer: Nils Erickson
composer: Greg Giles
lyricist: Greg Giles
Stuck between seventeen million dreams

We'll carve pumpkins with our broken hands
I don't wanna trick or treat dressed as you
Boring, boring
My girlfriend has a bloodstained axe in one hand
while the other grips the hair
of a severed head that she stole one night
from a mannequin
I'll make love to a ghoul tonight
with wax teeth and a bulging eye
Blood shot club-footed creep of mine

You've changed
You've changed

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  • 8 It's Time to Honor Ghouls
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