Who Sang Mompha Termina? 20 Minute Loop

20 Minute Loop Decline of Day cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-10-16
length: 3:54
producer: 20 Minute Loop and Chris Manning
membranophone: Ethan Turner
vocal: Greg Giles and Kelly Atkins
mixer: Chris Manning
engineer: Ethan Turner
electric guitar: Joe Ostrowski and Greg Giles
recording engineer: Chris Manning
flute: Kelly Atkins
organ: Kelly Atkins
acoustic guitar: Greg Giles
percussion: Ethan Turner
sampler: Ethan Turner and Kelly Atkins
handclaps: Nathan Paine
xylophone: Kelly Atkins
editor: Ethan Turner
assistant recording engineer: Ethan Turner
bass guitar: Dan Jones
keyboard: Kelly Atkins
darbuka: Nathan Paine
composer: Greg Giles, Kelly Atkins
lyricist: Kelly Atkins

I am marching
We are marching
Your eyes, your burning eyes
Can not take this knowledge from me
We will explode
The fire will consume us
And the air will smolder with our memory
Sweet is the flame, sweet is the flame
We raise our arms in praise
We are all marching
Those eyes, those lovely eyes
Can not fool me
We will explode
The fire devours
The fire devours
Devours all of us

CD 1
  • 1 Jubilation
  • 2 Moses
  • 3 All Manner
  • 4 Daughter's Down
  • 5 Pilot Light
  • 6 Force of Habit
  • 7 Mechanical Angels
  • 8 Elephant
  • 9 Mompha Termina
  • 10 Vaccine
  • 11 Hell in a Handbasket
  • 12 Aquarium