Who Sang Pilot Light? 20 Minute Loop

20 Minute Loop Decline of Day cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-10-16
length: 3:39
producer: 20 Minute Loop and Chris Manning
membranophone: Ethan Turner
vocal: Greg Giles and Kelly Atkins
mixer: Chris Manning
engineer: Ethan Turner
electric guitar: Greg Giles and Joe Ostrowski
recording engineer: Chris Manning
flute: Kelly Atkins
organ: Kelly Atkins
acoustic guitar: Greg Giles
percussion: Ethan Turner
sampler: Ethan Turner and Kelly Atkins
xylophone: Kelly Atkins
editor: Ethan Turner
assistant recording engineer: Ethan Turner
bass guitar: Dan Jones
shakers: Chris Manning
keyboard: Kelly Atkins
composer: Greg Giles, Joe Ostrowski
lyricist: Greg Giles
I don't know why I'm tired,
Possibly I'm nervous about a girl that heard us play
The song about that time
You were into race cars, comic books, her pockmarked thighs.
I found my father's gun
Underneath his Hustler magazines and tin foil pipes,
Our day had finally come,
What a waste of time!
She was sweet and pale, a chopstick through her hair,
Shaking out the static from her velvet dress,
Wooden chairs and half moons spilled across her legs.
Let's just be cautious,
I never thought I'd last this long, I never thought I'd make it.
She could fit a cue ball inside her mouth and whistle, thereby demonstrating everything:

Her backward logic, hatred, lovesick, and painful headtrip...

I checked the pilot light,
It's out; we're in for one cold night,
I must admit, I'm terrified
Of spiders, shadows, bloodshot eyes.

CD 1
  • 1 Jubilation
  • 2 Moses
  • 3 All Manner
  • 4 Daughter's Down
  • 5 Pilot Light
  • 6 Force of Habit
  • 7 Mechanical Angels
  • 8 Elephant
  • 9 Mompha Termina
  • 10 Vaccine
  • 11 Hell in a Handbasket
  • 12 Aquarium