Who Sang Winsor McCay? 20 Minute Loop

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Release information
Release Date: 2008
length: 3:42
producer: 20 Minute Loop
membranophone: Mike Romano
piano: Mike Romano and Kelly Atkins
guest violin: Cynthia Wigginton
vocal: Greg Giles and Kelly Atkins
recording engineer: Scott Greiner
flute: Kelly Atkins
guitar: Nils Erickson and Greg Giles
percussion: Mike Romano
additional recording engineer: Nils Erickson
Clavinet: Nils Erickson
bass guitar: Adam Cunha
synthesizer: Greg Giles and Kelly Atkins
background vocals: Nils Erickson, Mike Romano and Adam Cunha
sampler: Kelly Atkins
Wurlitzer electric piano: Kelly Atkins
Rhodes piano: Kelly Atkins and Nils Erickson
composer: Mike Romano
lyricist: Greg Giles
He was Winsor McCay!
Reincarnate, reincarnate.
Every day we'd say a prayer to save him.
Robots fought for his life,
Unsuccessfully, but then we can't beat a brain
To kill a mushroom softly growing...
In the shadows, making s***e, making room.
Choking fires, cracking skulls, sinking moods.

Where's the angel?
The spoiler-fitted flying angel,
Her spines with flaps to stabilize her.
She flew into the room just long enough to tease the spirit from him.

You don't have a s*****ll's chance.
Your kindness is like a dance.
Walking slowly, distorting everything you see.
Distortion is just like love,
It's passionate, f*****-up stuff.
What's the matter?
You wrote a hundred million songs.

Songs praising the mutant race,
Discovered in outer s***e.
Heaven help us!
If men like him are taken in...
Robots hatched from an egg,
Metal bodies, helicopters,
This is the way that Logan flies from here to
Heaven drawn on a page,
Blackbirds flying, swimming pools alive with his mind,
Conceiving creatures never found in the books,
But only sparking in the parts of his brain.
Only a fungus would complain.

CD 1
  • 1 Vanilla March
  • 2 Dr. Vitus Werdegast
  • 3 English as a Second Language
  • 4 The Bone is the Orbital Planet of the Nerve
  • 5 Automatic Pilot
  • 6 Empire
  • 7 We Wait for the Crown
  • 8 Mercury Vapor
  • 9 Latin Names and Straight Pins
  • 10 ESMA
  • 11 The Kirkbride Plan
  • 12 Winsor McCay