Who Sang Just a Wish? 21 Guns

21 Guns Salute cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock/Arena Rock
length: 4:11
You walk my dreams any time
We've only spoken twice.
I've built a world deep in my mind
I never realized..

I've watched you time after time,
You never see me.
It gives me chills to the bone
When you come near me..
You ask me why am I here
And why I'm smiling.
Just a wish, before I go...
Just a dream, to have and hold.
I close my eyes
And I make that wish once more -
Just once more.

I've played the fool many times,
This one's topped them all. (Yeah, yeah.)
Another day has come and gone.
Still my dream lives on.

You turn to ask what I said,
You couldn't hear me.
I see surprise in your eyes -
What are you feeling?
How could I live with the pain
Of never trying!?
Chorus 3x fading out.

CD 1
  • 1 Knee Deep
  • 2 These Eyes
  • 3 Walking
  • 4 Marching in Time
  • 5 The Rain
  • 6 Little Sister
  • 7 Pays Off Big
  • 8 Just a Wish
  • 9 Battered and Bruised
  • 10 Jungleland
  • 11 Tell Me
  • 12 No Way Out