Who Sang Boogers for Brains? 30footFALL

30footFALL Divided We Stand cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Hardcore/Punk
length: 2:08
You push the boys to prove you're rough
You push the girls to prove you're tough
Scars on your fists scars on your brain
You're a real man, you feel no pain

All liquored up, no place to go
Bringing bad vibes to our show
Push kids around, you act insane
I think you have boogers for brains

Always be the big man on the floor
A football game without a score
Come to your senses, see the light
Come to your senses it's not nice to fight
You've got too much testosterone
This aint no silly super-bowl
Push kids around you act insane
I think you have boogers for brains.
Boogers for brains.

CD 1
  • 1 Divided We Stand
  • 2 Popular Opinion
  • 3 Heroin
  • 4 The Happy Song
  • 5 Fifteen
  • 6 Boogers for Brains
  • 7 The Way It Is
  • 8 I Hate Punk Rock
  • 9 Cotton Candy
  • 10 Tons o’ Guns
  • 11 Everything Is Gonna Stop
  • 12 Dancin With Myself
  • 13 Melodies