4LYN - Wong Tsong Lyrics

release date: 2001-5-21
genres: Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Nu Metal
length: 1:48
producer: Florian Sommer and 4LYN
mixer: Florian Sommer and 4LYN
engineer: Florian Sommer
like a bullet 2 your idols,
just one word from me..and it goes it´s way.
like some gasoline into the fire,
i burn your house down...with no delay!
with no delay.
with no delay.
with no delay.

aah yeah!
i bring pain 2 the people who want it,
and mad stress 2 tha critics who like to keep on frontin´...
everyday,allday u keep strikin´my nerves.
punk,step back in line and get what u deserve..
(oh...let me see...)
who wanna be my lucky partner,who wants 2 get the best of me...
i´m a put ya where your place iz at,
cuz i will put u in my world where no peace is at,what...
with no delay.
with no delay.
with no delay.
with no delay.

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 One 2 Three
  • 2 Pure
  • 3 Whooo
  • 4 Lyn
  • 5 No Champagne
  • 6 Feel Me
  • 7 Down & Out I
  • 8 Bahama Mama
  • 9 Poonanee
  • 10 Down & Out II
  • 11 No 11
  • 12 Wong Tsong
  • 13 Quake
  • 14 Discohead
  • 15 Alina