8Ball - How U 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2001-11-6
ジャンル: Hip Hop
スタイル: Gangsta
length: 3:46

Look you can scream all you want to, but I don't care
I've been livin hard times baby life ain't fair
I tried to spoil you with my riches, shower you with kisses
Sex with you is vicious, your love is so delicious
But you be so suspicious, shakin me down looking for evidence
Over the course of time I was forced to change my residence
Flights, late nights, parties and super stars
Thug's got drugs straight ballin at the titty bars
I know you tryin your best to hold what we got together
Playas shootin at you claimin they can do it better
Whatever you feel baby handcuffing ain't what I do
What I do is work the field and try to stay true
State to state making my paper gain weight
It was my destiny, my fate, to one day be great
And I don't wanna climb the ladder to success alone
But you be in your own zone and everything I do is wrong
Walking out wasn't smart but I had to go
Cause I was full of yak, actin like an animal
And when I saw you today I had to ask you...

Have you been making out ok?

How you think I'm doin' out here?
Hustlin in these streets, makin ends meat so my little ones can eat
I saw you at the movies with that trick you call your friend
Lookin all cozy, walkin, holdin hands
I saw you laughin I guess that fool make you feel nice
Seeing you and him together made me wanna fight
Made me think of the night you and I became close
Blockbuster movies, puffin green sticky smoke
The THC made our bodies feel tingly
I knew it was on baby when you started kissin me
After that it was you and me everyday
Gettin blowed, sexin til we couldn't no more
Puttin my pistols in a place cops couldn't search
The first girl I had that ever helped me move work
These other girls wanna play and act like they legit
Let em in the cat with chips, get between they hips
It's a trip girl I actually be missing you
Kissin you, lickin you before I'm stickin you
And when I saw you today I had to ask


I said I'm on my way
I stopped by just to see... how you were getting along
I wanna know...can you make it on your own??

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