Who Sang $hopping? 8bit Pipe

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length: 3:48
Hey, pretty little girl
won't you trip on those heels
Know your mama's got your back
just so you can live her thrills
Don't bother taking pills
because daddy's got the bills
So chill, live your life
Beverly Hills
In the alleys of Rodeo stores
trashing with the fashion w****s
So many phony plastic b****
wandering stiletto blues

BBM'ing down the aisle
stop the Twitter for a sign, flirty
30% off, on every design
Twitching finger on the dial
itchy feeling on her nose
Better charge it on the credit card
and save the dough for blow

Now you see her smiling
and reaching for her purse
Her wallet is just ready
to satisfy the urge
Spend it!

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