Who Sang Things Uncertain? 9811

Release information
Release Date: 1997-2-14
length: 3:55
You were too young to play the fool, but
sometimes they break the rules.
Burdened by your emotional bruise;
Hovering the skies, the demons roost.
I hear them voices ringing, Halleleu --
a child is born. I hear them angels
singing, Halleleu -- Halleleujah,
I tend to believe in things uncertain.
I tend to conceive in things uncertain.
They were always chasing after you
but you angel held fast, wouldn't
let them through. Now they crucify
her -- what will you do? Darkening
the skies, the demons roost.
You were young enough to believe.
You pray. You were too young,
young and free to take it away.
but I saw your knees,
were down, on what they said.
And you were young, and so naieve, that's you.

CD 1
  • 1 Dance with the Moon
  • 2 Cafe 5-0
  • 3 Miss Lucy
  • 4 Sunny & 73
  • 5 Loser
  • 6 Sinnerman
  • 7 Things Uncertain
  • 8 West Virginia
  • 9 Pisces Tramp
  • 10 Summer Dance
  • 11 Cafe 5-0
  • 12 Puppet Strings
  • 13 [untitled]