Who Sang What Runs Through? A Long Winter

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Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore
length: 3:57
What we could have had.
What we could have been is now gone, tossed away.
With my stil beating heart.
Slice my wrists.
There's no feeling left anymore.
What I felt is gone.
I waited around.
Bruises got blacker.
This cut is too deep.
I am gone.
I am gone.
And my heart with it.
Burn what's left of me.
Sacrifices made for you.
But is this my fault?
I am gone

  • 1 Razel Got Her Wings
  • 2 She's Gone but Her Ghost Still Haunts Me
  • 3 Her Delicate Yeaming
  • 4 The Boy From Judecca
  • 5 If Everything Ends, Please Don't Leave Me
  • 6 What Runs Through
  • 7 Juliet
  • 8 The Summers Seem Like Days and the Days Seem Like Seconds

  • Release information
    script: Latin