Aaron Carter - I'd Do Anything 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1997-12-1
ジャンル: Electronic Pop
スタイル: Synth-pop/Ballad
length: 4:12
producer: Gary Carolla
vocal: Aaron Carter
mixer: Joe Smith
engineer: Don Rofozinski and Michael Tucker
background vocals: Carlos Spencer, Artist Bartley, David Nicoll, Gary Carolla, Greg Whipple, Michelle Landahl, Veit Renn, Janice Brocking Renn and Mark Goff
guitar: Tony Battaglia and Mark Matteo
bass guitar: Dexter Redding and Freddie Mollings
editor: Michael Tucker and Don Rofozinski
assistant engineer: Jim Porecca, Alan Armitage and Femio Hernandez
horn: Pat Gullotta, John M. Robinson, Don Rogozinski and Brian Snapp
turntable: Johnny Mollings
keyboard: Gary Carolla
membranophone: Gary Carolla
I'd do anything for you
We've had our good times and bad
Baby what is sad
I miss you girl
Oh yes I do
Now that you're gone ...away
It's hard for me to say
I miss you girl
Oh yes I do
I just want you to know
That the love I have is real
But girl I really want to show you how I feel
I'd do anything
To be with you again
Just name the place
And I will be there, I will be there
Oh tell me why can't I
Have the one I love
Just like the way it used to be
I miss you all of the time
When you were mine
I miss the way it seemed so right
How could I let the girl I love
Slip right through my hands
I can't get you off my mind
I just want to make you happy
I want to make you understand
I need you for my girlfriend
Until the very end
Oh I miss holding hands and playing games
I get chills when I hear your name ''cause I know
It'll never be the same
I'd do anything
Just to be with you
I'll tell you that I love you
If you want me to
Just call my name
And I'll be there
To let you know how much I care
Oh... baby...

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 I Will Be Yours
  • 3 Crazy Little Party Girl
  • 4 One Bad Apple
  • 5 I'm Gonna Miss You Forever
  • 6 Tell Me How to Make You Smile
  • 7 Shake It
  • 8 Please Don't Go Girl
  • 9 Get Wild
  • 10 I'd Do Anything
  • 11 Ain't That Cute
  • 12 Crush on You
  • 13 Swing It Out