Aaron Watson feat. Willie Nelson - The Honky Tonk Kid Lyrics

release date: 2004-3
length: 3:52
guest performer: Willie Nelson
He"s wrinkled and gray but he"s still got the fire
And he sings on the stage like a bird on a wire
He"ll pack "em in just like he always did
Everybody loves The Honky Tonk Kid

He got his first guitar when he was fifteen
Thirstin" for knowledge, all hungry and green
Strummin" that six string just like Lefty did
Everybody loves The Honky Tonk Kid

Well the Honky Tonk Kid loves a honky tonk crowd
He picks them up when this world gets them down
All the smoke and the neon keep his pain here
Nobody knows The Honky Tonk Kid

Ten million fans and a hand full of friends
He"ll go home alone when each night ends
He"ll think about her and he"ll twist off the lid
Cause nobody loves The Honky Tonk Kid

Chorus (x2)

It won"t be long the lord will take him away
He"ll have sung his last song, they"ll place a wreath on his grave
But he"ll draw a crowd just like he always did
One last goodbye for The Honky Tonk Kid

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Right Place
  • 2 The Honky Tonk Kid
  • 3 Reckless
  • 4 What She Don't Know
  • 5 If You're Not in Love
  • 6 Let's Lose Some Sleep Tonight
  • 7 Honky Tonkin' Around Texas
  • 8 Mackenzie Park
  • 9 Fool's Paradise
  • 10 Diesel Driving Daddy
  • 11 Next to Heaven
  • 12 For What It's Worth
  • 13 Will You Love Me in a Trailer?