Who Sang I Rule? Abaddon

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Release Date: 2009
Let the sow play with my unclean board
She doesn't know she plays with the devil
Captain Howdy I told her is my name
Mother and daughter are gonna live in hell
'Cause that's my will!

Her bed is jumping
Then her eyes turned to white
Her head spins completely and her
voice comes from hell!

Bedroom cold, stinking
like the very inferno
Brutal masturbation with
the f****** b***** holy cross

Because I want!

I made she p***** on the carpet
And warned him he's gonna die
Nasty alcoholic will lay broken-neck
dead in a pool of blood downstairs

I Rule!
I Rule!
Bring me to these f****** priests
I'm gonna unleash all of my hating wrath
Against those f*** who trust the Liar

Wearing all their worthless
holy purple customs
No one ever has won my game
Are you sure to face my Legion?

They have called me "Abomination"
for centuries I've killed thousands of them
Now my demoniac hatred unleashes
Let the ritual begins
Priests prepare to die!

Lacerating and b***** childish c***
Look at little b****'s blood
spilling on the sheets.
Lick her red-raped crotch
Now I'll destroy your girl
Lick daughter blood

Priests can't take me out
m************ are so weak for me
Pray for themselves now
The older one is already dead
What a pity for his hearth attack!

I always rule!

I have destroyed the f****** sow
And priests is turning slowly more insane
The pain's intense, the wounds severe
Evil surrounds, he's full of fear
His god was not this time with him
He wanna die, I will concede
I'll wipe out his body, and then
I'll burn his soul

CD 1
  • 1 Entering the Inner Hell
  • 2 Burnt to the Ground
  • 3 I Rule
  • 4 Serial Killer
  • 5 Tyranny
  • 6 Hail
  • 7 Apparent Being
  • 8 Inferno
  • 9 Abaddon
  • 10 Missing
  • 11 Release From Dogmatic Chains
  • 12 Almigthy Lies

  • Release information
    label: Jaws
    country(area): Chile
    format: CD
    script: Latin