Who Sang Serial Killer? Abaddon

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Release Date: 2009
length: 5:18
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Resentful, paranoid, psycopath, s**ually insane mind
Watch cruelty and torture to feel s**ual pleasure
Many womens slain in the same way
Stripper, fifteen-years girl, woman in red all them puncture-wound dead
It doesn't mind who is
Killing is my need
Another night, another kill

His mind shows s**ual homicide patterns
Grabbing the neck, asphyxiation, I chopped
those women in small body parts
Psycological and physical abused during
his childhood
Turned him into a cold blood killer; the
one who loves & needs to kill
Keeping victim's souvenirs, theirs skin,
breast and heads
For remembering these beautiful times
of killing

I didn't mind who was
I needed killer her
For me another night, for me another kill
Strangulation, quartering dead bodies
Severing the limbs, pretty corpses with no head
How they screamed, now I can c** in
their deteached heads
I coudn't control myself, I had to kill her
I cannot stop killing, they looked so s**y
It feels so good to kill!

CD 1
  • 1 Entering the Inner Hell
  • 2 Burnt to the Ground
  • 3 I Rule
  • 4 Serial Killer
  • 5 Tyranny
  • 6 Hail
  • 7 Apparent Being
  • 8 Inferno
  • 9 Abaddon
  • 10 Missing
  • 11 Release From Dogmatic Chains
  • 12 Almigthy Lies

  • Release information
    label: Jaws
    country(area): Chile
    format: CD
    script: Latin