Who Sang Breed Machine? Abandoned

Release information
Release Date: 2006-2-17
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash/Heavy Metal
length: 4:29

In a distant future
Mankind has no fate, no birth, no father, mother
No sex, no love, no hate
Engineering children
Student chemically to get rid of the scum
Threading you and me

No one knows the truth
About the cradle of all youth

It's the breed machine
Growing life in factories
Breed machine
Restricted abilities
Breed machine
Keeping life in check
Breed machine
There's no turning back

Predetermined destiny environmental hell
Savage reservations where the outcasts dwell
Blind trust in society making people numb
Loss of all emotions making people dumb



For mankind

CD 1
  • 1 The Oncoming Storm
  • 2 Return to One
  • 3 Take the Spell
  • 4 Holy Terror
  • 5 Breed Machine
  • 6 Phoenix Rise
  • 7 Pay the Dues
  • 8 Demonic
  • 9 Hell Is Home
  • 10 You're Going Down
  • 11 Nightmares