Who Sang Phoenix Rise? Abandoned

Release information
Release Date: 2006-2-17
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash/Heavy Metal
length: 5:08

There were days that I started hungover
Betrayed my ideals 'cos I couldn't recover
Being in limbo, tempted by drugs
Caring for no one but me I was making my day

Holding my ground wasn't easy to manage
Depressive in mind and abandoned by courage
Betrayed by the world, hiding in darkness
Questioning all that I knew I was running away

Taking a ride on the wings of a demon
Rolling dice with the devil and finally losing the game

Here I stand breaking the chains
No more controlled by the pain
Almost going insane
No more - I live again

Down in the abyss of hate and frustration
No way out of here and no incantation
Despising the world, thinking of death
Losing all hope, what the hell was going on in my mind



Out of the ashes I rose again
Leaving the darkness and making new plans
Just like a phoenix that leaves death behind
My wall growing stronger and my dreams
Will keep me alive

Phoenix rise!

CD 1
  • 1 The Oncoming Storm
  • 2 Return to One
  • 3 Take the Spell
  • 4 Holy Terror
  • 5 Breed Machine
  • 6 Phoenix Rise
  • 7 Pay the Dues
  • 8 Demonic
  • 9 Hell Is Home
  • 10 You're Going Down
  • 11 Nightmares