Who Sang An Occasional Man? Abbey Lincoln

Abbey Lincoln It's Magic cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1958
Genre: Jazz
Style: Hard Bop
length: 3:24
piano: Wynton Kelly
drums (drum set): Jo Jones
vocal: Abbey Lincoln
trombone: Curtis Fuller
double bass: Paul Chambers
tenor saxophone: Benny Golson
trumpet: Kenny Dorham
flute: Jerome Richardson
baritone saxophone: Jerome Richardson
writer: Ralph Blane, Hugh Martin
I got an island
In the Pacific
And everything about it
Is terrific

I got the sun to tan me
Palms to fan me
An occasional man

I love my island
It's very lazy
If I should ever leave it
I'd be crazy

I've got papayas,
Sandy beaches, and
An occasional man

When I go swimmin
I am always dressed in style
'Cause I go swimmin
Wearin' just a great big smile

My little island
Was made for pleasure
And in the cool of evening
It's a treasure

And when the hour grows later
What is greater than
An occasional man

[repeat CHORUS]

My little island
Is such a beauty
You may forget
To hear the call of duty

But if you give a slip
To your ship,
Miss the trip,
Take a tip and blame
An occasional day

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