Who Sang I Must Have That Man? Abbey Lincoln

Abbey Lincoln That's Him! cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1957
length: 3:59
producer: Bill Grauer, Jr. and Orrin Keepnews
engineer: Jack Higgins
vocal: Abbey Lincoln
bass: Paul Chambers
drums (drum set): Max Roach
piano: Wynton Kelly
tenor saxophone: Sonny Rollins
trumpet: Kenny Dorham
lyricist: Dorothy Fields
composer: Jimmy McHugh
Don't want my mammy
I don't need a friend
My heart is broken, it won't ever mend
I ain't much carin'
Just where I will end
I must have that man

I'm like an oven
That's cryin' for heat
He treats me awful
Each time we meet
It's just unlawful
How that boy can cheat
But I must have that man

He's hot as Hades
A lady's not safe in his arms when she's kissed
But I'm afraid that when he's cooled off
And maybe I'm ruled off his list
I'll never be missed
I need that person much worse 'n just bad
I'm half alive 'n he's drivin' me mad
He's only human if he's to be had
I must have that man

I must have that man

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