Who Sang Somos Novios? Abbey Lincoln

Abbey Lincoln Over the Years cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-10-1
Genre: Jazz Blues
Style: Contemporary Jazz/Vocal
length: 6:11
producer: Jean-Philippe Allard and Daniel Richard
mixer: Jay Newland
recording engineer: Jay Newland
bass: John Ormond
membranophone: Jaz Sawyer
piano: Brandon McCune
vocal: Abbey Lincoln
trumpet: Jerry González
It's impossible tell the sun to leave the sky,
it's just impossible.
It's impossible ask a baby not to cry,
it's just impossible.
Can I hold you closer to me
and not feel you going through me,
split the second that I never think of you?
Oh, how impossible.

Can the ocean keep from rushing to the shore?
It's just impossible.
If I had you could I ever want for more?
It's just impossible.
And tomorrow, should you ask me for the world
somehow I'd get it, I would sell my very soul
and not regret it for to live without your love
is just impossible, impossible,
mm, impossible.

CD 1
  • 1 When the Lights Go on Again
  • 2 Blackberry Blossoms
  • 3 Somos Novios
  • 4 A Heart Is Not a Toy
  • 5 I Could Write It for a Song
  • 6 I'm Not Supposed to Know
  • 7 Windmills of Your Mind
  • 8 Lucky to Be Me
  • 9 What Will Tomorrow Bring
  • 10 Tender as a Rose