Who Sang Yellow Bird? Abbey Lincoln

Abbey Lincoln It's Me cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-10-14
Genre: Jazz
Style: Vocal
length: 4:46
producer: Jean-Philippe Allard
engineer: Jay Newland
arranger: Laurent Cugny
executive producer: Daniel Richard
assistant engineer: Peter Doris, Jason Stasium and Steve Mazur
bass: Ray Drummond
conductor: Laurent Cugny
membranophone: Jaz Sawyer
piano: Kenny Barron
vocal: Abbey Lincoln
flute: James Spaulding
Yellow bird,
up high in banana tree.
Yellow bird,
You sit all alone like me.

Did your lady friend
Leave the nest again?
That is very bad,
Makes me feel so sad.
You can fly away,
In the sky away,
You're more lucky than me.

Yellow bird,
Up high in banana tree.
Yellow bird,
You sit all alone like me.

Better fly away,
In the sky away,
Picker coming soon,
Pick from night to noon.
Black and yellow you,
Like banana too,
They may pick you someday.

Wish that I was,
A yellow bird,
I'd fly away with you.
But I am not,
A yellow bird.
So I sit; nothin' else to do.

Yellow bird.
Yellow bird.
Yellow bird.

CD 1
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  • 2 Love Is Made
  • 3 Chateaux de Joux
  • 4 It's Me, O' Lord (Standin' in the Need of Prayer)
  • 5 They Call It Jazz
  • 6 Through the Years
  • 7 Runnin' Wild
  • 8 The Maestro
  • 9 The Search
  • 10 Yellow Bird
  • 11 Can You Dig It