Who Can I Turn To? Lyrics - ABC

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Release information
Writer(s): Glenn Gregory, Keith Lowndes, Martin Fry
Release Date: 1997-3
Genre: Electronic Rock Pop
Style: Pop Rock/Synth-pop
length: 3:49
producer: Keith Lowndes and Martin Fry
vocal: Martin Fry
mixer: Danton Supple
recording engineer: Paul Rabiger
violin: Sally Herbert and Julia Singleton
background vocals: Glenn Gregory, Juliet Roberts and Paul "Tubbs" Williams
guitar: Keith Lowndes
drum machine: Keith Lowndes
keyboard: Keith Lowndes
viola: Jocelyn Pook
cello: Dinah Beamish
saxophone: Paul Rabiger
composer: Keith Lowndes, Glenn Gregory, Martin Fry
lyricist: Keith Lowndes, Glenn Gregory, Martin Fry
If only I could stand
On my own two feet
Oh honey, then I`d know
Life could be so sweet

Someone to drive
Someone to blame
Someone to rush through my veins
Someone to wash it all away

* Who can I turn to now
If not you, tell me
Who can I turn to
If not you

If I could get
What I want for free
Then I wouldn't have to borrow
Take a tranquillizer
From your limousine driver
before we crash into tomorrow

Someone to love
Someone to hold me
Someone so courageous
Someone to drag me in from the cold

(* repeat 3 times)
Who can I turn to (tell me who)
Who`s gonna be there (if not you)
Tell me who (tell me)
Tell me who (tell me)
Tell me who
Tell me who can I turn to
(if not you)
Ooh (tell me who)
You've got to, you've got to
Tell me who

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