Aborym - Roma Divina Urbs Lyrics

release date: 1999-4-1
genres: Electronic Rock
styles: Black Metal/Industrial/Symphonic Rock
length: 8:59
Standing near the great river
The italic Goddess of Death will press
The white father will be taken and imprisoned
Castle and palace will burn

The reign will last six thousand years
Then it will be destroyed
Two thousands years were vain, two thousands years were law
And two thousands will be malignant

Roma Divina Urbs - you'll be the light for us
Roma Divina Urbs - your sign we always await

Here we'll receive the king-destroyer, the Antichrist
Satan will free from stumps, 'cause one thousand years were completed
In your vales we'll raise the throne, to your honour we'll fight
Moist with myrtles, laurels and big beeches you will rise again

Roma Divina Urbs - cage of the hateful bird
Roma Divina Urbs - den of every impure spirits

You are the Hunger - brought by the starvings
We are the devourers - and mean is our presence
You are the naked death - soaked in the huma

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Wehrmacht Kali Ma
  • 2 Horrenda Peccata Christi
  • 3 Hellraiser
  • 4 Roma Divina Urbs
  • 5 Darka Mysteria
  • 6 Tantra Bizarre
  • 7 Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
  • 8 Metal Striken Terror Action
  • 9 The First Four Trumpets