Who Sang Dreamgame? Absurd Minds

Release information
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Electronic
Style: EBM/Electro
length: 3:35
producer: Kolja Trelle
performer: Stefan Großmann and Tilo Ladwig
writer: Stefan Großmann
lyricist: Stefan Großmann
Adam Fell Into A Deep Dream.
But No One Ever Told That He Has Woken Up.
That He Has Woken Up
That He Has Woken Up
I Haven`t Heard.
I Haven`t Heard.
The Time Is Up. I'm Growing Old.
My Cellstructures Decompose.
But Finally I Wake Up.

Tears Are Running Down My Face. That's a Dream.
Now I Understand.
It's A Neverending Game In A Neverending Dreamtime.
I've Had Enough. It Makes A Fool Of Me.
My Dream - Goodbye. Homecoming Of The Self.
Holographic Time I Wipe It Away.
The s___e Around Me Fades Away.
Homecoming Of The Self.
We play our dream game.
We play our dream game.
We play our dream game.
We play our dream game.

A Shot. A Pain In My Stomach. Shedding My Blood.
Life's Going Through My Mind.
It Hurts. No Clear Thoughts. I Won't Survive.
Looking At The b_____ Knife.
The Time Is Up. I Have To Die.
Fear, Panic, Then A Cry.
But Finally I Wake Up.


For: Javiher Lothar Groth

CD-R 1
  • 1 Fairy Stories
  • 2 Dreamgame
  • 3 Absurd
  • 4 The Gash
  • 5 Us and Them
  • 6 Venture Inward
  • 7 Legal Force
  • 8 Restrictive Delusion
  • 9 It Was a Dream