Who Sang Legal Force? Absurd Minds

Release information
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Electronic
Style: EBM/Electro
length: 3:28
producer: Kolja Trelle
performer: Stefan Großmann and Tilo Ladwig
acoustic bass guitar: Timo Fischer
writer: Stefan Großmann
lyricist: Stefan Großmann
wrong place. wrong time.
am I a victim or will I be a culprit ?
too many pictures of abundance. they seduce me.
now I`m a culprit. they caught me,
they sentence me to custody.
sitting in a prisoncell.
Now I`m so alone.
thinking about my offence.
wishing I were home.

a prisoner talks to me:

legal force can`t reach me. in my mind I`m so free.
they can`t break me, cause I am strong.
breakdown - they`ve got a long wait coming !

they can`t break me. they can`t reach me.
there`s no evil. there`s no good.
it exists only in your own reality.
however your thought - so is your realm.
don`t waste your minds on guilt.
find out yourself and learn.

a voice talks to me:

CD-R 1
  • 1 Fairy Stories
  • 2 Dreamgame
  • 3 Absurd
  • 4 The Gash
  • 5 Us and Them
  • 6 Venture Inward
  • 7 Legal Force
  • 8 Restrictive Delusion
  • 9 It Was a Dream