Who Sang I Know You Know? Acappella

Acappella All That I Need cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999
length: 2:54
Do you know, do you care
Do you know what's waiting there
Do you see, can you feel
Don't you know His love is real?

And I know, yes I know you know
You know, I know you know

Do you know, have you heard
Truthful message from His Word
Do you see, Can you hear?
What is gonna happen here

And I know, yes I know you know
You know, and I know you know

Would you like me to say it clear?
No more tickling your ears
Would you like me to share my mind?
This is what you'll find

God is big and I'm so small
My life's not worth much at all
Jesus made my soul brand new
And if you wish He'll do the same for you

(repeat song up to bridge)

  • 1 Love Is the Power
  • 2 Movin'
  • 3 Standing Right in Front of You
  • 4 I Know You Know
  • 5 Jesus Knows
  • 6 Abba Father
  • 7 Ready to Go
  • 8 Begins
  • 9 All That I Need
  • 10 Jesus Is Coming
  • 11 O Wretched Man
  • 12 Praise Be to the Lord