Who Sang Loyalty? Ace Hood

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length: 2:02

[Intro - Ace Hood]
Well alright now
Real niggas minimizing
Free Weezy
Free Boosie
Mister Hood

[Chorus - Tyga]
Uh, rain, snow, get my hustle on
Counting cash every morning before I leave home
Family I love, don't want to leave this world alone
So before I leave home
I pray to God I won't, loyalty is all I know
Before I leave home
I pray to God I won't, loyalty is all I know
Before I leave home

[Verse 1 - Ace Hood]
Real recognize, real every time
This what I emphasize, got to keep them type of guys
Working out the fake, this what I exercise
Exterminate the hate, got rid of them pesticides

Loyalty and pride, too many niggas died
Snitches still alive, so tell me what's the odds
See I'm a fucking rider, I'm telling the FEDS nada
Run in front of the judge I'ma, tell him I don't know your honor
Loyalty's a stain, tatted in my veins
Family and love, I hope you say the same
Pistol when I ride, only friend of mine
Money never sleeps, Michael Douglas, I'm

[Outro - Ace Hood]
Mister Hood
Salute you real niggas
Snitching is at its all time high
Hold your head nigga!
Boosie hold your head nigga!
Weezy nigga
Much love my nigga

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  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Pretty Boy Swag
  • 3 Why U Mad
  • 4 Super High Remix
  • 5 Loyalty
  • 6 Deuces
  • 7 In The Morning
  • 8 Wet Wet
  • 9 Let It Off
  • 10 Light Up
  • 11 Superman
  • 12 Buss It Open
  • 13 Like You
  • 14 Red Carpet

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    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin