Forbidden Fruit Lyrics - Action Bronson

Action Bronson Dr. Lecter cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-3-14
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 1:26
As I step in the door, you in your bathrobe
Pour you a little more wine, I see your glass low
Scared of a real man, from dealing with these *******s
Just drink ya wine and then will step up in the bath, slow
Soak your body, cause its begging for a loving touch
Light the candle, and I'ma light another Dutch
Then we slip into a place that's only you & me
Put it deep, like the bottom of the bluest sea
You too young to be locked down, truancy
Always got ya hair down, rockin' your jewelry
Killing these other *****es, word, reading their eulogy'
Hips insane
The *****? Foolery
At the end of the day baby it's you and me
At the end of the day honey it's you and me
Just you and me

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