Who Sang Friendly Fire? Action Bronson

Action Bronson Bon Appetit… Bitch!!!!!!!!!! cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-1-4
length: 1:14

[Verse 1]
Trying to do me, no I'm not concerned with you
Shutterbugs attack him walking through the terminal
Out the door and then I hop in the convertible
Light the Earth, like the sun, stars and moon would do
Undefeated like I'm Shula's group
Take a payoff like I'm shoe less soon to see me in the coolest suit
Crew astute, knowledge like a physicist
Secretly a Russian spy twisted by the pyramids
Is it my fault they feel me, more than they feel you?
And seems nobody does it like I do it, keep it real dude
I'm not religious feel like God given ability
Just play your part because your words hold no validity
I'm on a beach, lay oysters on the half shell
Words are like a canvas laced with oil color pastel
I'm in the world strong known to make the Southern moves
Cause every man is for themselves like Royal Rumble rules
(Grunts) They say Bronson got an ego, acting like he Regal
Thought he was my people, just let him go with his ego he on the road kid
Smoking weed to the neck, mother fuck him
Can't hold a mother fuckers hand no more
Done kid, it's just me
Me and my ego on the trip
Fuck you bitch! Suck my dick!

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  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin