Who Sang I Remember? Action Bronson

Action Bronson Bon Appetit… Bitch!!!!!!!!!! cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-1-4
length: 1:20

Mad late
My fucking hernias popping out of my stomach and shit

[Verse 1]
She bent over in a mirror taking pictures
Crew a bunch of dykes and some Puerto Rican strippers
From Ridgewood she did her thing just like a bitch should
But in the morning started burning, I can't piss good
I cleared that up though
Diver’s scallops, sear ‘em
Seven grams of fuzzy in the palm’ll be the serum
The Rocketeer, out in Switzerland we poppin’ there
Mulatto babies cause you know your boy's a chocolatier
Haze galore, going Asian on the carpet
Artichokes and lamb
From the land not from the market
Blunts rolled consecutively
Who every really thought this motha fucka destined to be?
This type of style on the mic
Get razzled, dazzled
Stretch you like pilate
Penetrate your flower then I split
The shotty Hollywood, I gave the bitch a nosejob
And fuck a new Benz I'd rather cop the old Saab
Velour down short set paired with the cream joints
Wine, I always swirl it and smell it
Make an esteemed choice
My cheese sauce always known to keep a fiend moist
I swear my words’ll have me hopping out the green Royce
Rolls and blunted, crispy chicken, aged cheddar
Lonnie got a block of cheese, no it ain't feta
The semi-soft flow master with the hemi-talk
I'm higher than the motha fuckas at the heliport
Bronsolini Bronsolafski Bronsolinio

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  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin