Who Sang Bandroid? Acumen Nation

Release information
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Industrial
length: 4:37
Not an ounce of sadness or truth in what you feel
Sacrifice your sorrow for a shot at any deal
Careful not to actually bleed from your heart
Not that you can drain much from an empty fake

Is it just me or does everything reek with the stench of mediocrity?
Is it just me or does everything seem to suck
No matter how hard I try to forgive?
It just can't seem to be
The fact that you are a
f___ing waste of life

Recycling the talent of a God compared to you
New york s___ty digs it so it must be something true
Truth be known it's how we've felt the rape of our spirit
You have taken all the fire from the fight you lousy w____

Sucking up your table scraps for no more than a day
Manufactured bruises and the shallowness to say
Oh, how hard it's been on you and your passion
I'll try to remember that
As I'm burning down your mansion

So this is the cross you have to bear
So this is the s___ you sling at us
You're just a poseur built to fail
And fail you will
You're just a poster boy for mediocrity!

Come collecting favors and there's nothing for you left
Eating from the garbage seems the pastime you were meant
For all the soulless lies coming through the radio
We'd all agree that you should [blow yourself away]

CD 1
  • 1 Ready to Die
  • 2 The Paralysis Is Real
  • 3 Never the Bride
  • 4 Metard
  • 5 Bandroid
  • 6 Heavens to Murgatroid
  • 7 Remasculated
  • 8 Cowboy God
  • 9 The Downshined
  • 10 Spill Throat
  • 11 Capsule

  • Release information
    label: Underground, Inc.
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 637642107028
    script: Latin