Who Sang Noarmsnolegs (original version remastered)? Acumen Nation

Release information
Release Date: 2005-10-25
length: 4:49

The gun in your back is a gat
And if you move I'll blow your brains through your hat

And if you give me half a chance I'll drag you down
And leave you lying with no arms and no legs

Because I love you, but I'd kill you
Because you're human, and I hate you

And if the phone is ringing and you can't reach out
You can't get up, can't get up, with no arms and no legs

And if your baby is crying on the floor
You can't get up with no arms and no legs

You ain't got the balls to be a hero
With no arms and no legs

CD 1
  • 1 The Wreck of Us
  • 2 Life's Last Breath (Acucrack remix)
  • 3 The Paralysis Is Real (studio remix)
  • 4 Recaster (Deadliner remix)
  • 5 Bastard Vs Monster Zero (Grabmiller remix with vocal)
  • 6 Bleed for You (studio remix)
  • 7 Fuckyerbrainsout (Acucrack remix)
  • 8 Revelations Per Minute (Lost mix)
  • 9 Queener (FCR remix with Lost Vocals)
  • 10 Djentrify (original demo version remastered)
  • 11 Fuckface (original demo version remastered)
  • 12 Noarmsnolegs (original version remastered)
  • 13 Gun Lover (original version remastered)
  • 14 Pretty Like a Pornstar (ILC Track Lost remix)
  • 15 [untitled]

  • Release information
    label: WTII Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin