Who Sang Tools in the Blood Shed? Acumen Nation

Release information
Release Date: 2006-9-19
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Industrial
length: 6:35

Rotting strains.. of still-born life
As it slowly replicates a dead hero
From its shattered memories
Fear of change.. will be our le-ga-cy... yeah...

Abstain. from all. and needless things
Obtain. a genuine connection
Tearless. eyes shut. but feeling less horror
Shielded. from the human condition
So we. consume
Multiplying ignorance for spawn
Looking less like children
More and more.. like.. waste!

Fear of change.. will be our le-ga-cy
As we slowly die in shame with no.. heroes
No one alive to believe in anymore...

Burn out. the lights. plunge helpless deeper
Into. the shadows of a prophecy
Destroy. with fingers. from soulless agendas
We are. the eaters of the dead
Enjoy. pieces. of tyranny
Goes down smooth with oppression
Death to those who oppose a little revolution

This said...
I know the reasons why we should...
I know the changes that we could...
But you won't change
And they won't change
Nothing this powerful ever changes
Without the innocents' blood shed
Without american blood shed
Without your children's blood shed
Without your precious blood shed!

Revolution -- can only truly be known
By someone -- unafraid
Of spilling blood
Revolution -- can only truly be known
By someone -- unafraid
Of spilling blood

CD 1
  • 1 Bliss
  • 2 The Blind Pig
  • 3 Day Care
  • 4 Black Son Hole
  • 5 My Life Last Breath
  • 6 Tools in the Blood Shed
  • 7 Branch Davidian Style
  • 8 Caustic Perimeter
  • 9 No Arms No Legs
  • 10 Jesus Loves You
  • 11 P.O.D.O.A.
  • 12 Haliburton Rape Trial
  • 13 Destroyasaurus
  • 14 Polhemic
  • 15 Message From the Grave

  • Release information
    label: Crash Music
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 804026118424
    script: Latin