Who Sang Vegas? Adam Derry

Release information
Release Date: 2004
length: 3:42

It's Vegas, baby, and I think maybe
I'm a put all my money on you
It might sound crazy, but I'm feeling it lately
So I'll tell you what I think I'm a do

Bet high, when I got it. Go low, when I'm not in it
Oh, how the feeling it grows when I'm around you
Show what I got, I got no hesitation
I know you think it's funny, just don't let me go

I'm sleep walking and I don't wanna wake up
Got dice to shake up and habits to take up
If I keep on talking I'm a say, say, say too much
I'm picking my chips up and taking you with us out of Vegas, baby

I'm in the middle of nowhere
As if I got nowhere in particular I should be

And all these lights keep on flashing
To check my reaction to everyone just making believe

I'm holding you tight; I might fold if I try to go
Why don't we just go where the sun never rises?
But you keep on spinning a whole new beginning
And I've got a feeling it's worth us trying

I'm daydreaming and you're wandering with me
I just wanna take you out of this city
I only want a another feeling to hit me
I don't think that anyone here will miss me in Vegas, baby

Its Vegas, baby
The moonlight's fading
And you are slipping away

Our eyes are closing
But we're both knowing
There's some things that just have to stay
Here in Vegas, baby

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