Who Sang Other Side Of The World? Adrian Borland and the Citizens

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length: 3:16
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In the end I thought you got
What you were looking for
But in this land of pile and sand
Don't build much anymore
I've got no words of wisdom for
The hungry and the cold
They know much more than me about
The other side of the world
I try to keep my balance
That's some sense that I've got left
So show me what to weigh against
This soulless greed and theft
You're at risk of losing value
In the things you cannot hold
What's it take to make you wake up to
The other side of the world
Day fades away and I just gaze into
The hollow night
The heart that beats the drum that keeps
The time of failing light
And when it's gone completely
And darkness flag's unfurl
I need someone to show me
The other side of the world

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    script: Latin