Who Sang Man Smart? Adriano Celentano

Adriano Celentano Fantastica / La mia storia cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007
length: 3:37
I say let us put man and a woman together
to find out wich one is smarter
some say man but i say no
the woman got the man de day should know

And not me but the people they say
that de man are leading de woman astray
but i say, that the woman of today
smarter than the man in every way
That's right de woman is uh smarter
That's right de woman is uh smarter
That's right de woman is uh smarter,
that's right that's right

Ever since the world began
Woman was always teaching man
And I you listen to my bid attentively
I goin'tell you how she smarter than me

Samsonwas the strongest man long ago
No one could a beat him, as we all know
Until he clash with Deliah on top of the bed
She told them all the strength was in the hair of his head

You meet a girl at a pretty dance
Thinking that you would stand a chance
Take her home,thinking she's alone
Open de door you find her husband home

I was treating a girl independently
She was making baby for me
When de baby born and I went to see
Eyes wasblue it was not by me

Garden of Eden was very nice
Adam never work in Paradise
Eve meet snake,Paradise gone
She make Adam work from that day on

Methusaleh spent all his in tears
Lived without a woman for 900 years
One day he decided to have some fun
The poor man never lived to see 900 and one

CD 1
  • 1 Si è spento il sole
  • 2 Nata per me
  • 3 Il ribelle
  • 4 Rock matto
  • 5 La mezza luna
  • 6 Man Smart
  • 7 Movimento rock
  • 8 Buona sera signorina
  • 9 Jailhouse Rock
  • 10 Ritorna lo Shimmy
    CD 2
  • 1 È l'uomo per me (He Walks Like a Man)
  • 2 La banda (A banda)
  • 3 Se telefonando
  • 4 Valentino Vale
  • 5 Sono come tu mi vuoi
  • 6 Quando vedrò
  • 7 Tu non ci credi più
  • 8 Corazón
  • 9 Mi sei scoppiato dentro il cuore
  • 10 Io sono quel che sono
  • 11 L'immensità
  • 12 Addio
  • 13 Canta ragazzina
  • 14 Cartoline
  • 15 Se mi compri un gelato
  • 16 È inutile
  • 17 Sono qui per te