Who Sang Back on the Bus? Afroman

Afroman Afroman cover art
Release information
length: 5:43
producer: Joseph Foreman and Savalas Brothers
mastering: Tony Gillis
i was walking to the store and noticed a whore tripping up and down so i cane myself over say whats up dover and she says ill suck you dick for some weed i say no thank you because she achoo enough cum to populate mars and she insist and i become a dick and back hand her to hong cong get on home and get undressed then start getting high with my bong i say its my bestfriend he take me to heaven and i swear that aintno lie so what im gonna do is continue rapping and right now i am high
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  • 1 'cause I Got High
  • 2 Afroman Is Coming
  • 3 You Ain't My Friend
  • 4 Lets All Get Drunk
  • 5 Graveyard Shift
  • 6 Back on the Bus
  • 7 Dopefiend
  • 8 Paranoid
  • 9 Tumbleweed
  • 10 Basehead Boogie
  • 11 Palmdale
  • 12 She Won't Let Me
  • 13 The American Dream
  • 14 Crazy Rap (Colt 45)
  • 15 Hush
  • 16 Girls

  • Release information
    script: Latin