Who Sang I Smoke Weed? Afroman

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Release Date: 2013-7-12
length: 4:25

I fucked this girl in Talahassee
Doggie style so i named her Lassie
Came on her, florida state clothes
Filled up all her semen holes
Fucked this girl from purdue
Came in her hair, fucked up her doo
She was cryin, like tammy faye baker
Her pussy got hotter than a boiler maker
Met Santa's daughter in Baton Rouge
Fucked up Christmas like Mr. Scrooge
Dropped her off at LSU
Smoked all her weed, drank all her brew
Fucked George Bush daughter in Dallas, Texas
Rode that ass just like a Lexus
Fucked her again in ft. worth
Stuck my dick in her pussy and I started to surf

Colt 45, Afroman
Tryin to get all the pussy that I can
To the cross country in my Afro van


I priced this hooker in Ohio
I said, Bitch, you too high Ho
I got a cheaper ho in Cincinatti
Fucked her in the back of my 83 Caddy
Broker as hell smokin Newport singles
Came in her ass and said "Fuck the Bengals"

(afroman rant)


Smokin weed, State-to-State
Beer and munchies got me gaining weight
Missionary style in chilla coffee
Little mamma said, "would you please get off me"
Beatutiful girl, Iowa City
Roll a blunt fatter than a big fat titty
She sucked my dick, while she held my thighs
I came in her Iowa Hawk-"Eyes"
My dick went BOING in Des Moines
Going going go-Buckaw!


Oklahoma, Smoke-lahoma
Buffalo, Puff-alo
Fort Smith, Fort Spliff
Smokin weed
Starkville, Sparks-ville
Huntsville, Blunts-ville
Mississippi, Missi-hippie
Alabama, Ala-grama
Hattysburg, Hattys-herb
Burmingham, Burning-ham
Smokin weed
North Dakota, North De Quota
South Dakota, South De Quota
I ran out of rhymes, but i'm...


Digital Media 1
  • 1 Indo Infro
  • 2 Intoxicated Introduction
  • 3 Marijuana Mix
  • 4 Enjoyed Your Bud
  • 5 I Smoke Weed
  • 6 Hit This Blunt With Me
  • 7 Do for Bud
  • 8 When I Cop a Dime
  • 9 Looking for That Good Stuff
  • 10 High on the Highway
  • 11 Indonesia
  • 12 Smokers Only
  • 13 Buy Me Some Dank
  • 14 Smoking a Dime
  • 15 Do Do Dedications
  • 16 Marijuana Mix. Part 2
  • 17 Chronic Commercial Out-Fro

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    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin