Who Sang Smokin Weed? Afroman

Afroman Frobama (Head of State) cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-11-25
length: 4:07
I f___ed this girl in Talahassee,
Doggie style so i named her Lassie.
Came on her, florida state clothes,
filled up all her s____ holes.
f___ed this girl from purdue,
came in her hair, f___ed up her doo.
She was cryin, like tammy faye baker,
her p____ got hotter than a boiler maker.
Met Santa's daughter in Baton Rouge,
f___ed up Christmas like Mr. Scrooge.
dropped her off at LSU
smoked all her weed, drank all her brew.
f___ed George Bush daughter in Dallas, Texas,
Rode that a__ just like a Lexus.
f___ed her again in ft. worth
stuck my d___ in her p____ and I started to surf.

Colt 45, Afroman,
Tryin to get all the p____ that I can.
To the cross country in my Afro van,


I priced this hooker in Ohio
I said, b____, you too high Ho.
I got a cheaper ho in Cincinatti,
f___ed her in the back of my 83 Caddy
Broker as hell smokin Newport singles,
Came in her a__ and said "f___ the Bengals"

(afroman rant)


Smokin weed, State-to-State
beer and munchies got me gaining weight.
Missionary style in chilla coffee
little mamma said, "would you please get off me"
beatutiful girl, Iowa City,
Roll a blunt fatter than a big fat t__ty.
She sucked my d___, while she held my thighs,
I came in her Iowa Hawk-"Eyes".
My d___ went BOING in Des Moines,
Going going go-Buckaw!



Oklahoma, Smoke-lahoma,
Buffalo, Puff-alo,
Fort Smith, Fort Spliff
Smokin weed
Starkville, Sparks-ville
Huntsville, Blunts-ville
Mississippi, Missi-hippie
Alabama, Ala-grama
Hattysburg, Hattys-herb
Burmingham, Burning-ham
Smokin weed
North Dakota, North De Quota
South Dakota, South De Quota
I ran out of rhymes, but i'm...


CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Before I Hit the Party
  • 3 Club Owner Skit
  • 4 Marijuana, Malt Liquor
  • 5 Negativity News Skit
  • 6 Everyday I Party
  • 7 Smokin Weed
  • 8 Pimp Church Skit
  • 9 Palmdale Pimp
  • 10 Because I Got High 2007
  • 11 Crazy Rap Intro
  • 12 Crazy Rap
  • 13 Mr. Wisdom Skit
  • 14 Homegrown Alabama
  • 15 Couple Next Door
  • 16 Smoke 2 Blunts
  • 17 Success Or Fail
  • 18 Late Show Skit
  • 19 No No Fro
  • 20 No No Fro Skit
  • 21 No Time
  • 22 I Don't Wanna Leave
  • 23 Victory Speech
  • 24 East Side Palmdale
  • 25 Outro

  • Release information
    label: Hungry Hustler
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin