Who Sang Today? Against Time

Against Time ...And Not for Anyone cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
length: 2:08
Do you believe in a full-scale majority? They try to rule our lives in ways it should not be. We try to resist them we try to restrain them we try it all in our own ways, but our fake machine doesn't seem understanding they're ****ing things up anyway. Live your life today so they can't take it away from you, don't believe their political games. Don't let them steal all your dreams. Today. They violate our society confidence. Our ignorance our innocence seems to be the cause of it. If you still can't see that the strings they are holding are tied to your mind then your blind, their jackets and ties mean themselves are illusive from problems that they leave behind

  • 1 Opinions Made
  • 2 In Our Hands
  • 3 I Ask Myself
  • 4 Pull It Up
  • 5 I Still Believe
  • 6 Nothing at All
  • 7 Another Promise
  • 8 Saw You Laughing
  • 9 Time to Learn
  • 10 Today
  • 11 Blinded
  • 12 Bring Back My Smile
  • 13 Trying to Forget
  • 14 Friends
  • 15 Muddling Through
  • 16 Alone Again