Who Sang Death, Murder, Kill? Agonoize

Agonoize Assimilation cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-10-17
length: 5:21
composer: Mike Johnson, Oliver Senger
lyricist: Mike Johnson, Oliver Senger

I see the blood on the floor
I touch your naked skin
My spirit can smell your fear
Your screams were made silent

Cut down, left to rotten
Licking your throat
Sucking your anus
Eating your brain
Slash, bash, slash
I still believe in this society


Death, murder, kill
Kill in cold blood
Death, murder, kill
Your dead eyes wide open


CD 1
  • 1 Death, Murder, Kill
  • 2 Open the Gate
  • 3 Sexual Violation
  • 4 To Paradise
  • 5 Dad Is Dead
  • 6 Soul of Evil
  • 7 Suffer
  • 8 Die for Blood
  • 9 Paranoid Destruction
  • 10 Against
  • 11 Poisoned Earth
  • 12 Lost You
  • 13 Sheer Naked Aggression