Who Sang The Louisiana Purchase? AKIR feat. Immortal Technique , Poison Pen , Mojo The Cinematic

Mojo The Cinematic Legacy cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-4-25
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta/Conscious
length: 3:45
producer: AKIR and SouthPaw
guest lead vocals: Poison Pen, Mojo The Cinematic and Immortal Technique

Where was FEMA? What do they gain from Katrina?
And why it take so long to save us but so fast to clean up?
Who's in charge of them green bucks?
Cause they supposed to give survivors least two G's plus
I need much in answers; was it because, they live below standards
And drugs ran rapid that it's quiet up in the cabinet?
Who was on call, did they really drop the bomb?
Did they say {fuck} it? We're reminded 'bout them damn walls
Can we call 'em levees? Did the water get heavy and overrun the town
Or did people come knock 'em down?
Are they trying to help 'em out or trying to kick 'em out?
When you see them come around to evacuate a house
Who has insurance in one of the country's most poorest, communities?
Isn't this country for you and me?
Separating families, destroying unity, conquer through divide
Are they gonna help us survive?
Or is it genocide, do they wanna help and all revive?
Or will it be, gentrified? Watch the choppers in the skies
No supplies, devils in disguise, spinning stories on my people's lives
Standing by while they just letting us die (die)

[Immortal Technique]
I feel like the whole world gone crazy
The stadium smells like {fucking} dead babies
And old people, going through rigamortis
While the government tortoise, slow to support us
Instead they record us and give us self-righteous orders
Reporters implore us, not to break the law
I saw a {bitch} talking on TV, I wanna break her jaw
A teleprompter, can never describe what I saw
The phones are dead, no police and no E.M.T
Powerless like we got hit, with an E.M.P
It reminds me of the days when we lived as slaves
They just denied the migrant workers, federal aide
And people tell me poverty, doesn't have any color
Well it does down here mother-{fucker}
And now they talk about, rebuilding where nothing is working (Nothing)
Just lawyers getting more contracts by Halliburton

[Poison Pen]
We restored the French Quarter on some Mardi Gras {shit}
Swerving down Bourbon - on some party town {shit}
Drinking {fucking} liquor, I'm speaking real candid
Who knew, N.O. would turn president land this
Dude got us looking savage - like newer reports
Get the rich ones out, and ignore the warts
Scores of people perched on top roofs
96 hours with no damn rule, but who the {fuck} wouldn't shoot?
"So would I" says the cat
Brother stranded, wife and seed on his side, {gat} on the lap
Now anarchy, rule the street
Mayor cuss the government out, on the TV all you hear is bleeps
Despair dro, some the same
Super dope synonymous with pain, ironically they change quotes the same
I know firsthand I got blood (yeah) you heard from me
Second line been should be playing for eternity

Walk with imagination, prepare for the devastation
Of these poor people being displaced in our own nation
No food or water with four days waiting
Fearlessly they're flying over to assess the situation
Dirt they doing to my folks blatant
Satan they causes, breaking they clauses, lying to our faces
Take a step back, let's retrace this
Cats were breaking into stores cause they were running out of patience
Most of them gunshots you heard about, yeah
They were pointed in the air cause the bullets were flares
But regardless if the media cares or not
We should still share a lot of truth, keep stirring the pot
Into a spicy gumbo, dig deep, let your funds go
Never know a storm might hit Flatbush or Ludlow
Who do you think they'll save, them or us?
Mother Nature doesn't choose sides, cash flow does (that's right)

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    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin