Who Sang Tropical Fantasy? AKIR feat. Jean Grae

Jean Grae Legacy cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-4-25
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta/Conscious
length: 4:14
producer: SouthPaw
guest lead vocals: Jean Grae

(feat. Jean Grae)

[Akir:] Hmm, come here
[Jean:] Heh, stop it! [laughs] Stop! C'mon
[Akir:] I'm sayin.. let's go
[Jean:] Nah, stop askin me to go away, man
We don't have to go away, you my getaway for real man
[Akir:] I'm sayin I'll save a little money
We can get the tickets and get outta here right now!

It's like this priceless, Queen Isis
A pleasure, when we're together though the trifest hypes this
I write scripts rollin tight spliffs, roll on Miss
While the time ticks, dodgin cops with nightsticks
Plots and mind tricks, blocks where crime gets out of control
Gotta know what glitters ain't gold
And I'ma stop this grind shit, let's get on the road
Fuck barely affordin the livin and the bills that we owe

[Jean Grae:]
I'm owin these bills, gettin through life with you, wife with you
Breathe in the city lights 'til we exhale neon
Beyond stress we gone, metropolis livin
I'm beyond pills, we gon' build; how we gon' deal though?
House for sailboat, my vision is with yours
Snaps back to dirty building to steel doors
Wanna relax back with the damn facts that we assed out
And trapped, can't blast out, maxed out

[Chorus: Jean Grae - singing]
How we gonna get away (away)
I've been goin crazy here, I can't make it here and I see
You want the sunlight, the paradise, won't that be nice?
Divine is right, if we could find a getaway

Yeah, prayin to angels, plottin all angles, weavin a web tangled
Mingle we labeled in the Star Spangled
Strangle for oxygen, island hoppin Bahama way
Let's get it poppin in mai tais and moccasins

[Jean Grae:]
Yeah, but we gon' rock Timbs, never lessen out the king
Even if collar poppin in Hollis is not a sin
See we already blessed, forgetting the stress
The pennies yes, but many are without any or less so

Usually they brutally usin me, foolishly cluelessly
Choosin means over you or me, who could be
Movin feet to a beat, reach to a piece of land
Close to a beach with sand

[Jean Grae:]
And it's a grand vision, a tan prism, and hands glisten
Holdin a roll, a part of a gram but listen
I'm with it, proposal exquisite
But I can't flow 'til it, wanna let go but logic it holds with it

Gotta go with it, I know it is, so a risk
Just flow with this, let's blow this bitch

[Jean Grae:]
Boy I'm foldin my wrists, no cliques to hold back
Baby we so rich, maybe I could show that

Kick back and pop a bottle 'til models in avocado strings
I picture a collar string bikinis lookin like a fashion model

[Jean Grae:]
Been in love and daydream then roll like the villains and never play
We takin aeroplanes, speed in narrow lanes, never lay

[Jean Grae:]
I see the jobs and bills and it's hard to kill
Want a menáge with thrill but I argue still
I'm thinkin oxtail in Negril
Then I'm thinkin con-ed locked in, it's heavy as drop lead[?]

Uhh, mira poquita señorita mas mantequilla
You give me seizures when I see your features, diva
Ease up, and when you find some time to free up
Check me after this re-up, though we can slide to Costa Rica
Antigua or Dominica, linens with a mink cuff
Shirt, matchin your sneaker, ganja we reek of, high 'til we reach clubs
Squeeze up, liquor spillin margaritas, glass upon the speakers
Feelin, grabbin, teasin my leaver, feenin to get your beaver beat up
Only to reason for the Four Seasons
Quick, go get a Visa, we might even see the preacher
Lay back and let the sun shine, time teaches
To learn each other in a place where nobody can reach us

[Chorus x2]
[Outro: Akir]
C'mon baby, let's hit the road
Nah, nah don't pack your bags
We'll buy somethin when we get there, yeah
Nah man, don't worry about the bills
We'll take care of that later on
We got somewhere else to be, you and me

CD 1
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  • 2 Rites of Passage
  • 3 Mood Music
  • 4 Grind
  • 5 Treason
  • 6 This Is Your Life, Part 2
  • 7 Kunta Kinte
  • 8 Politricks
  • 9 Apocalypse
  • 10 Change of the Seasons
  • 11 Resurrect
  • 12 Ride 2 It
  • 13 No Longer My Home
  • 14 These R the Blues
  • 15 Pedigree
  • 16 So Much
  • 17 Homeward Bound
  • 18 Tropical Fantasy
  • 19 Legacy
  • 20 The Louisiana Purchase

  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin