Who Sang Politricks? AKIR

AKIR Legacy cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-4-25
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta/Conscious
length: 3:40
producer: AKIR

"Many Black voters claim the mistrust that lingers
Coincides with a widespread belief
That people do make deliberate attempts
Either to thwart African-American attempts to vote
Or to miscount the ballots once passed"

I don't follow the news, they just add to my blues
Politicians and they big feets could never fill my shoes
They don't care, think we all live off welfare, it's hell here
Why should I vote like it's ever been fair?
My people in despair, they still balance, we hit hard like steel mallets
Smile intentions of the founders and they still countin
No child left behind, read between the lines
Tryin to control, they precious minds, zombies in the school line
Ridiculed, for tryin Ritalin junkies
What a powerful country, that keeps promotin off flunkies
18 years old and your brain is like lunch meat
Programmed to follow these dummies 'til the suburbs and slums meet
Pull us over soon as they see blacks in the front seat
So I'mma run streets, fuck freaks and causin dumb beats
Me and mine is gonna be fine, fuck standin in the picket line
I'm tryin to get these dollar signs dodgin time

"As it turns out, about half of the votes which are thrown out and spoiled
For technical reasons passed by African-Americans, why?
African-Americans get the crappy schools, they get the crappy hospitals
They get the bad police protection, they get the bad voting machines
The main thing is, there is no coverage on American television
And American radio about the MASSIVE disenfranchisement of, Black voters."

Yo, politicians that be garglin that garbage shit
Bargain with anonymous, officers of opposite
Doctrines for legal tender documents, pocketin the profits
Off the rockets while they kick us out the projects, logic
Surprisin common sense, risin occupants up out environments
Survive and then they got you doin 5 to 10
Just the other day, I was pissin out some toxins
When the cops rolled by, I gotta take it on the block again
Sendin letters included, as a child offender for indecent exposure
I shoulda looked over my shoulder
My cousin got locked, Pop's lost his job, we evicted
Waitin on Section-8, but the list had been restricted
A Lexus hit and I missed it, I was dealin with some real shit
My brother joined the service, not even nervous to get hit
Sayin that he's out kid, geeked they got Saddam ousted
I pray because he's bout it, now he's tryin to get up out it

"Are you a criminal?"
"No, never been convicted of any crime"
"But they had you down as a serious convicted criminal"
"Wrong person, I've never been arrested in my life, you know?
Got out of the military, been in the medical field ever since
I mean, you can't even work for a hospital being a convicted felon
And I was in the Persian Gulf War, so, you know
It's pretty screwed up how they did me but umm, what can I say?"

It makes us wanna shoot the coppers like that nigga Rollin Roberts
For the pride in which they rob us every time that they stop us
He try to give us vouchers, to move us out the hood
But when we try to use 'em, damn them shits is no good
I got a letter from my brother, said the media confuse ya
The Army-Navy game was flippin coins from Fallujah
No proper armor when they move us, damn we trapped
Cursed, Shiites is soon to surround us, in Iraq
Kerry lost, Colin Powell threw in the towel
Ashcroft assed off, the shit is even gettin more foul
Network, of elected delegates are all derelicts
Look how shiesty Kerry get, damn it's all irrelevant
It's never how they tell it is
So I gotta get my shit straight, and handle my biz
The next time we have to go vote, I might go
Plus I heard, there's a lot of jobs and a lot of fine-ass hoes, in Ohio

"If we cannot, imagine social relations based on peace and justice
And equality, we will find ourselves caught up in the rhetorical universe
That has been fabricated by global corporate dominance
And its major spokespersons in the Bush administration
So what does it mean to fight for democracy today?
Another, world, is possible!" {*echoes*}

CD 1
  • 1 The Initiation
  • 2 Rites of Passage
  • 3 Mood Music
  • 4 Grind
  • 5 Treason
  • 6 This Is Your Life, Part 2
  • 7 Kunta Kinte
  • 8 Politricks
  • 9 Apocalypse
  • 10 Change of the Seasons
  • 11 Resurrect
  • 12 Ride 2 It
  • 13 No Longer My Home
  • 14 These R the Blues
  • 15 Pedigree
  • 16 So Much
  • 17 Homeward Bound
  • 18 Tropical Fantasy
  • 19 Legacy
  • 20 The Louisiana Purchase

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    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin